Nikon Photomic FTn special NASA Appolo 15, 1975

Space walking with a Nikon F3


When the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) wanted a more portable camera for its space missions, it went to Nikon. The challenges of producing a camera that worked safely and conveniently for astronauts in space are many, including having controls that are large enough to operate for astronauts wearing bulky gloves. The camera must also be able to function flawlessly in zero-gravity situations, in the vacuum of space, and while being roasted by the intensely hot rays of the Sun in outer space.
(Specifications: non known)

After the Nikon issued from the Photomic FTn, some others special cameras were developed for the NASA by Nikon from the basis of F3 and F4 bodies. The Nikon F3 was developed for a large part from the NASA specifications.
To day, the standard cameras sold for public as the Nikon F5 have in standard all the specifications required for space missions and do not require body modification. They just need special preparation from Nikon.