14 novembre 2009

mélodie du 14 au soir

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14 novembre 2009

coco shaker...souvenirs....

www.alapiscine.blogspot.com >>> Jean-Charles Meunier/Les films Orzeaux
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14 novembre 2009

ralentissement de la matière

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14 novembre 2009


  graphikaddict.wordpress.com/category/video/   Lauren Lavitt
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14 novembre 2009

portrait d'une courtisane cantatrice

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14 novembre 2009

Los angeles Mag

www.lamag.com Best of LA,  November 2009 Photograph courtesy Flickr/wsilver "Just because your plans for that second wing are on hold doesn’t mean you have to snuff out your decorating impulses entirely. A few gallons of paint can transform your home, and paying for those dazzling coats won’t require a second mortgage. Whether you’re on the hunt for environmentally sound paints or the perfect color match, here are four independent stores that won’t give you the brush-off.......... Writer Louise Farr... [Lire la suite]
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14 novembre 2009

nourriture américaine, so good...?

www.sogoodblog.com As we all know, yesterday was President Barack Obama’s birthday.  And what kind of cake did the Commander-in-Chief receive? How about the disaster you see above.   Does this cake fit the President?  I think not.  This is not the essence of cool.  This is more like fireworks shooting out of your nose while the Star Spangled Banner is playing.  And do you think there is room for another seal on that cake?  Come on…
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14 novembre 2009

ETRE MODERNE à 99ans: Julius Shulman

www.wallpaper.com/video/architecture/visual-acoustics-the-modernism-of-julius-shulman/46672719001 http://www.juliusshulmanfilm.com/ http://archpaper.com/e-board_rev.asp?News_ID=3681 Winner of several awards including Best Documentary at the Palm Springs International Film Festival and the Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the Lone Star Festival,‘Visual Acoustics – The Modernism of Julius Schulman’ is an elegant, considered and unreservedly lavish expose of the most prolific architectural photographer of our time.......... [Lire la suite]
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14 novembre 2009

Phoenix Space

...toujours plus haut, toujours plus fort où la surenchère des artistes à dépasser les limites...Il ne leur reste plus que la galaxie à repeindre... "Her Secret is Patience, 2009" by Janet Echelman  Phoenix, Arizona, Downtown Civic Space http://www.echelman.com/site/phoenix_project.html Description This project makes visible to the human eye the patterns of desert winds. During the day, sunlight projects patterned shadow drawings onto the ground and pedestrians on their daily paths. At night, the... [Lire la suite]
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14 novembre 2009

HLM du texas

......beaucoup d'esthétisme et du développement durable comme fonctionnalité... www.worldarchitecturenews.com HKS design futuristic mixed-use development Future sustainable urban living will depend largely on man’s ability to create holistic architectural solutions that harvest the regenerative power of a site’s natural systems. This project offers a self-sustaining, 'off-the-grid' urban community using a full city block in downtown Dallas, Texas..................................... HKS, Inc.
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