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  " Plus de 1 000 clichés provenant de la collection historique de Polaroid sont vendus aux enchères de Sotheby's à New York. La vente, ordonnée par le tribunal des faillites du Minnesota, devrait servir à payer les différents créanciers de la société."

Diaporama de quelques photographies mises en vente

"Autoportrait en 9 parties" de Chuck Close

On June 21 and 22, Sotheby’s will offer at auction over 1,200 works from the Polaroid Collection of Photography, from classic pictures by Ansel Adams to cutting-edge contemporary works by Chuck Close and Lucas Samaras. Polaroid’s “instant” photography, developed by Edwin Land in the 1940’s, revolutionized picture-taking for both professionals and amateurs alike; and from its very beginning, Polaroid attracted photographers such as Adams, who were quick to seize upon the new technology’s aesthetic potential.  From the 1950’s on, a whole host of artists experimented with each new Polaroid camera and film, creating a unique body of work that would officially become the...

From the time of its introduction in 1948, the Polaroid camera has inspired photographers and artists to push the limits of their creativity.  Photographs from the Polaroid Collection comprises an astonishing range of photographic approaches and sensibilities: from the masterful landscapes of Ansel Adams to the surreal explorations of Lucas Samaras; from the massive self portraits by Chuck Close to the cultural commentaries of Robert Heinecken.  Polaroid cameras and films have spurred some of the most interesting photographic work of the latter part of the 20th century.  In addition to multifarious works in Polaroid media, the Polaroid Corporation also acquired traditional gelatin silver prints of photographic icons by Harry Callahan, Dorothea Lange, Imogen Cunningham, Minor White, Edward and Brett Weston, and Paul Caponiogro, to name but a few.  Replete with photographic masterworks and little-known gems, Photographs from the Polaroid Collection offers collectors an unprecedented opportunity to acquire images from one of the largest and most distinctive corporate collections to be sold at auction.


Photographs from the Polaroid Collection: An Introduction

Appendixes:   A Select List of Exhibitions of Photographs from the Polaroid Collection, and Polaroid Collection Stamps and Labels

David Hockney’s “Imogen & Hermione"

ANSEL ADAMS 1902-1984


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